What is the aim of Bai Euskarari Elkartea?

Promoting the use of the Basque language in the socio-economic sphere, promoting the community and building and sharing tools, resources and innovative projects.

What is the Bai Euskarari certificate?

It is a tool that helps to identify, acknowledge and provide impetus for all kinds of businesses, stores and organisations that are working to increase the use of the Basque language in the socio-economic sphere. It is managed by Bai Euskarari Elkartea in conjunction with other projects (Lansarean / Enpresarean / etc.).

What does it mean to have the Bai Euskarari certificate?

Customers will be able identify the businesses, stores and associations who will serve them in the Basque language. The certificate’s 3 levels (Zerbitzua eta Lana Euskaraz, Zerbitzua Euskaraz and Bidean) reveal the language situation in an organisation: whether they offer services in the Basque language, whether they are able to work in the Basque language or whether they are on the path to providing services in the Basque language.

Organisations and businesses that serve their customers in the Basque language are competitive and show respect for their customers, and they appreciate this. Customers prefer to interact with a service or product in their own language.

Therefore, organisations that want to offer quality and be competitive and businesses that want to attract and retain customers have to adapt to meet the language needs of customers.

Reasons for obtaining the Bai Euskarari certificate

The Basque language offers a strategic and innovative focus for every type of organisation. The Basque language and the Bai Euskarari certificate offer benefits for all organisations:

  • It brings added value for the organisation

  • It increases the competitiveness of organisations

  • It meets demand in a professional manner

  • It conveys approachability and confidence

  • It promotes inward motivation, it is supported by people and pleases them

  • It improves the social responsibility of the organisation

  • It improves the organisation’s image and increases its credibility among customers

  • It increases loyalty towards the organisation or company and strengthens motivation. Basque-speaking workers are more satisfied, feel more involved and more committed when they can see that the organisation is making an effort to incorporate the Basque language.

What benefits and advantages will I gain from the Bai Euskarari certificate?

  • Exposure; attract Basque-speaking customers

  • Publicity; certificate map

  • Network; community

  • An advantage in contracts awarded by public authorities

  • Gradual pathway; Bidean > Service in Basque > Service and Work in Basque

  • Monitoring and advice/support

  • Information and resources to meet objectives

  • Small translations

  • First in line to participate in other Bai Euskarari Elkartea initiatives (Enpresarean, Lansarean, etc.)

  • Free Bai newsletter and magazine
    Diploma showing that you have been awarded the Bai Euskarari certificate. Valid for one year.

  • Image of the Bai Euskarari certificate in various formats (jpg, png, pdf) and stickers to use on any media you wish.

  • Passwords for our intranet

What do organisations that have been awarded the Bai Euskarari certificate think?

  • ABB-Niessen (Oiartzun): “The certificate places importance on the Basque language within the company and, thanks to the association, we are working on many parts of our action plan. "

  • Artis Kreativa (Vitoria-Gasteiz): “Using the Basque languages brings us added value. People don’t expect it. The first thing that we say is in the Basque language and then they start talking in Basque. "

  • Restaurante Bordatxo (Deusto, Bilbao): “Customers are pleased that the service is in the Basque language, whether they’re locals or from elsewhere. People from abroad also appreciate seeing and hearing the Basque language. The acknowledgement from our customers motivates us to continue. "

  • Enargia (Azkaine): “The certificate shows that we use the Basque language. This is a way of telling Basque speakers that they can ask about electricity in the Basque language, so it’s a way of making people live and communicate in Basque. "

  • Fideslan (San Sebastian and Ondarroa): "Firstly, we obtained the Bai Euskarari certificate to demonstrate that it is also possible in our sector; secondly, to obtain the benefits and the experience and knowledge of Bai Euskarari when incorporating the Basque language into the workplace; and finally, to provide a showcase for companies that want to receive the service in the Basque language. "

  • Innobasque (Zamudio): "Bai Euskarari is helping us to achieve our goal of offering all of Innobasque’s services in Basque, the language that our stakeholders want. "

  • Laida Aguerretche-Colina, psychologist and psychotherapist (Ziburu): "There are very few Basque-speaking psychologists in Iparralde with a private practice, so I think that it’s even more important to highlight the fact that I work in the Basque language. I’m confident that the Bai Euskarari helps me to do that. "

  • Farmacia Martínez Rementeria (Vitoria-Gasteiz): “Using the Basque language is extremely important. Basque-speaking customers feel that we are approachable and have confidence when we serve them in the Basque language. "

  • Talleres Mitxelena (Hernani): “The Bai Euskarari certificate is part of the cooperative’s strategy for continuous improvement. We make it a priority because, inwardly, we think that it is important to normalise the use of the language within the company and, outwardly it is important for customers. "

How can I obtain the Bai Euskarari certificate?

1. Contact Bai Euskarari Elkartea:

Where are we?

  • Telephone: +34 943 59 21 48 | +33 06 03 49 43 65

  • Email: info@baieuskarari.eus

  • Self-assessment; an application that will help you to understand the language situation in your organisation or company. The result is only for guidance purposes and, to determine the exact situation and obtain the Bai Euskarari certificate, a technician will contact you to complete the full monitoring form.

2. Analyse the language situation in your organisation with the assistance of technicians from Bai Euskarari Elkartea.

3. Measure the results and plan, specifying the people responsible, goals, resources, deadlines, etc.

How is each organisation/company’s level determined?

The criteria for being awarded the Bai Euskarari certificate are grouped into two key areas: ‘Zerbitzua euskaraz’ (service in Basque) and ‘Lana euskaraz’ (work in Basque).

The areas that are assessed are:

1. Language proficiency of people

2. Corporate image

3. External communication

4. Internal communication and work tools

5. People management

The Bai Euskarari certificate’s 3 levels are determined on the basis of pre-established criteria. The criteria are widely known and available on the website.

How can I go up to a higher level?

To move up from one level to another you must meet the respective criteria for each of them.

Can a person obtain the Bai Euskarari certificate?

Any legal entity can obtain it.

How much does it cost?

2023 Base Per employee
For organisations in Ipar Euskal Herria 69 EUR 14,80 EUR
For organisations in Hego Euskal Herria 91 EUR + BEZ 14,80 EUR + BEZ



Special prices for not-for-profit organisations and public entities.

Are any grants available for my organisation/company to obtain the certificate?

Several city/town halls and township associations award grants to obtain the certificate. For example, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Amurrio, Llodio, Gernika-Lumo, Zarautz, Azpeitia, Bortziriak, Malerreka, Barañain, etc.

Bai Euskarari Elkartea is in discussions with various public authorities to extend this list.

Will I be given help to meet the goals?

Yes. The association’s technicians will recommend a pathway and offer you information, models and resources to meet the agreed goals.

What do I have to do to renew the certificate?

The certificate is valid for one year and has to be extended on a yearly basis. When it is time, one of the association’s technicians will contact you to arrange a meeting and review the situation.

Where can I view the information and situation regarding my certificate?

If you go to the Login page you can download monitoring forms, invoices, the diploma, an image of the certificate, etc. You can request passwords to log in at info@baieuskarari.eus If any of the organisation’s information changes, you have to write to info@baieuskarari.eus or call the number +34 943 59 21 48.