In compliance with the 34/2002 Law of Information Services and Electronic Commerce of July 11, 2002, we would like to inform you that the title of the Dominion of Internet is:

  • Social name: Bai Euskarari Elkartea (“Data Controller”)
  • G20948915
  • Address: Martin Ugalde Kultur Park, 2010 Andoain (Gipuzkoa)
  • Phone number: 34 943 59 21 48
  • Email:
  • Inscribed in the General Register of EAEA Associations

The goal of Bai Euskarari Elkartea is to accelerate the normalization of the Basque language.

1. General conditions

The website is the website of the Bai Euskarari Elkartea. The user may enter it voluntarily, and entry is free. Navigating this website means that the user knows and accepts its legal notes, its terms of use, and its privacy policy. If the user does not accept these privacy policies, cookie policies and conditions of use, and therefore does not consent to them, he cannot navigate this website.

To enter this website and submit any use of this information will be solely responsible to the user. So the user will have to commit to using the information in line with the website's purpose. So the user will not be able to provide illegal use of the information on the website. In the same way, it will not be able to take any action that could harm the computer systems on the website.

Users will be prevented from incorporating or disseminating false or misleading content, they will not be able to give the Controller any content that may confuse other users or third parties. The user himself will be responsible for the damage caused to the data he provides. No third party's personal data can be used without their consent. It is also forbidden to use third party identification data with the intention of placing them in another person or entity.

The Data Controller makes an effort to ensure there are no flaws in the content published on the website. He therefore retains at any time the right to change them. Bai Euskarari Association expressly waives responsibility for the errors or errors in the content on this website and for the damage resulting from their lack of authenticity, accuracy and novelty.

This website can provide links to other websites. The Data Controller takes no responsibility for any of the contents of those areas which are enclosed; for he has no responsibility for the content, products, and services offered them. The purpose of these services is to inform users of other sources of information, and therefore the user shall enter into these content solely in accordance with the conditions prescribed.

The Data Controller shall not be responsible for any side effects or damage derived from the use of this website or its content, on the basis of computational damage and virus vaccination. Bai Euskarari Elkartea does not guarantee that there will be no virus or any other element on the website, embedded by the outside third parties, and that it can cause damage to the physical or logical systems of users, but it will use all available means to prevent such an event.

2. Subscriptions

Entering this website doesn't necessarily mean giving you personal data. However, to use certain services offered (such as asking for bulletins or filling out a relationship formulation) it is necessary to provide data. In order to make the service affordable, it is vital that the user provide a variety of personal data. The user is committed to providing true, accurate, and complete data, both in the implementation of the initial relationship and in the implementation of future notifications. It shall, therefore, be responsible for reporting any change of them. If the areas deemed necessary in the questionnaire are deserted, Bai Euskarari Elkartea may not respond to the user's request.

Subscription to various services of Bai Euskarari Elkartea means that the user accepts the general conditions of Bai Euskarari Elkartea and its privacy policy. In the same way, based on the legal interpretations of Bai Euskarari Elkartea, and on what the interested person might reasonably expect, Bai Euskarari Elkartea shall send commercial notifications on its products and services, or on the products and services of other companies whose trade agreements are signed, as well as through ordinary mail and electronic resources. The user may at any time exercise the right to oppose this treatment.

Users may voluntarily request subscription to the bulletin. At any rate, users will be able to request that they be delivered at any time. In order to do this, they may send a letter to Bai Euskarari Elkartea, or they may use any other means provided for by the organization.

3. Intellectual and Industrial Property

The proprietary rights of this website, including pages, screens, information, shapes and designs, products and services, prints, logos, logs, and other property rights, belong to Bai Euskarari Elkartea, unless otherwise indicated.

Entering or navigating this website does not in any way mean that the Data Controller renounces the rights of his intellectual or industrial property, or abandons the user for his personal use, or gives permission (complete or to a certain extent). If any one can reproduce, distribute, market, and modify these works without permission, he will violate the intellectual property rights of the Data Controller.

The user will commit not to take any action that would harm the title of this website. Any unauthorized use of website information, or damage to the rights of intellectual and industrial property of the Titans, may result in appropriate legal actions and, if appropriate, responsibilities derived from its implementation.

4. Changes

All these conditions may be modified, if the Data Controller once considers it appropriate, both to accommodate legal changes and to make other improvements. These changes will be in effect from the moment they are published on this website. The Reader of Treatment shall use all available means to inform users of all changes.

5. Jurisdiction

Both the relation established between Bai Euskarari Elkartea and the user shall be governed by the provisions in force concerning the applicable law and jurisdiction. However, if the regulation provides that the parties must submit to a jurisdiction, Bai Euskarari Elkartea and the user, having expressly refused all other relevant powers, shall be subject to the courts and courts of Donostia.

If the user fails to comply with these conditions or misuses the content displayed on the website, the Data Controller will adopt civil and criminal measures (including economic) to punish these non-compliance measures.